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Friendly internet lurker that likes creative stuff! I love video game music and like to make some when I'm not covering other pieces. I may or may not be failing to get better. :D


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Hello, anyone who might actually read this!

I haven't logged on to this site in forever. That sucks, 'cause I love Newgrounds. The reason behind it is kinda silly, but I'll tell ya why anyway.

Probably a year or so ago, I had a thread in the art forums that had to do with my daily art. If I didn't keep posting in about three days or less, then I considered myself sucky or something (I don't remember what my consequence was). There was a period where I stopped posting for waaay too long, and I felt ashamed. Therefore, I made it my duty to never come back until I make really great progress in the fields I'm studying.

I still feel like this is helping me get over my procrastination troubles. I've been reading a book about it, and so far, I've been extrememly productive. A lot of the practice I'm doing is becoming a habit, which is super awesome. In all, I want to fully come back to Newgrounds eventually, but if I did it now, it'd probably remove some motivation. This website is pretty much my incentive to get better. I want to get involved in this community again, and I'm getting closer. I recently got a lot of other resources for music recording and whatnot, and I've also learned some new things here and there. I won't spoil much, but I have a lot to use now. I just need to improve a bit more. I'll be back someday! :)


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