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"Do you know who to ask for help when you don't know which way to go?"
"No! No idea."
I love this animation! The jokes are pretty neat. It's funny how absolutely no one is letting her past go. I like the artwork. The outlines give the art its own charm. In addition, the voice acting fits very well with the characters! I'm no animating genius either, but I'd say this is well done for your first animation!

Definitely had something similar happen to me before. Oh man, it was so awkward.
I like this! Love the joke of course, and the animation worked nicely.

Alrighty, let's see...
I'm fond of the art style you have, and I enjoyed the jokes. What can be improved on is the artwork and the quality of the voice acting (I can agree with NightTorch on Roll's voice). Of course, these things can be improved on as long as you practice, discover your own flairs, and continue to develop animations! :]

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I haven't had a good puzzle game in a while. Nice work.

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Wow, this is amazing! I totally agree with the timing of the drums and the overall progression of the song.

Wow! This sounds exactly like what I'd hear in a video game nowadays. This is perfect! *applauds*

Mattashi responds:

Thank you! :)

This is actually pretty catchy. The intro piano could probably benefit from some reverb and volume variance. It sounds a bit dry. In addition, definitely experiment with panning different sounds as well! Great first song overall!

Tee-and-Kyu responds:

Thanks for the advice! -Tee & Kyu

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Geez whiz. It's like I can't do anything when I'm sick. Anyway, I hope you get better soon.
The hair color is pretty neat! It fits the colors underwater themed art usually has. For some reason, I also really, really like the little sparkles here and there.

S-So shiny. This definitely seems like it popped right out of one.

This is really great! I really love how you conveyed the message.

DeclanMcDermott97 responds:


Friendly internet lurker that likes creative stuff! I love video game music and like to make some when I'm not covering other pieces. I may or may not be failing to get better. :D

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